The Art of Facilitation

– theater tools for group work

is an 8-days long training course that brings together youth workers, trainers and volunteers from organizations coming from Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Armenia, Israel and Georgia, creating a diverse group in which we explore the topics of facilitation of groups.

Dates of the training

19th – 28th August 2022 (including travelling days)

Deadline for applications

15th June 2022

This project is co-financed under the European Union Erasmus+ Programme.

About the training

Our training course offers support and space to help you discover and cultivate your training style and spice up your activities and workshops so they become more engaging, impactful and motivating for you and your target group.

In an experimental and playful learning environment we will facilitate your growth as a youth group facilitator. We will do that by using team coaching and tools adopted from theater.

We will enhance and regenerate your most vital skills as a facilitator, such as: communication, conflict management, working with group dynamics, creative thinking and personal flexibility. You will enjoy a variety of theatrical tools such as role play and group simulations and team coaching tools for group reflection and development. All that will help you encourage and inspire groups to take decisive and meaningful actions in their world.

If you want to improve your facilitation skills and you are looking for new, inspiring tools, if you feel that you and your groups need fresh ideas and new spirit, or you want to encourage groups to take meaningful actions in society and experience a dynamic personal development training we are inviting you to join us at ‘The Art of Facilitation’ training course!

What you can get out of this training


identify your own facilitation style based on your goals, values, strengths, working methods and communication style


practice your ability to create safe and inclusive learning environment


learn how to awaken the group spirit and lead groups towards meaningful actions


enrich your toolbox with different theater and team coaching tools to design engaging activities for your target group


learn how to transform conflict situations into a group learning experience


experience and work with team dynamics


have fun while increasing your spontaneity, relying on intuition, creativity and flexibility in an international group


become more flexible and confident when working with groups


learn how to create cohesive and strong groups

Tools and methods that we will use

Theater tools

Improvisation, theater of the oppressed, playback theater, political theater, dramatherapy, body movement

Self-coaching and team-coaching

questioning, distinctive and active listening, giving and receiving feedback

Experiential learning

you will learn by doing and by reflecting upon what you did

About the trainers

Liat Shabtai

Liat Shabtai is the co-leader of the theatre group in CFP organization (an Israeli and Palestinian NGO), theater facilitator, actress and theater creator. Specializes in Theatre of the Oppressed, Community Theater and Political theater. On the other hand she is a puppeteer, a playwright and playback improvisation actor.
She is the director of the Palestinian Israeli Theater Show – ‘Personal Story’
(Combatants for peace NGO), a Member of Holot Theater, an Israelis and asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan Theater group, director of special needs Theater (YOOVAL theater) and more.
She is also a puppeteer and artist of the Train Theater (Jerusalem).

Her plays are running in Israel and around the world including the award-winning show ‘Tiny Ocean’.
She has worked for over ten years with different groups and organisations, as a director of actors, adults, kids, and more.
Believes in the power of Theater as a developing tool and an activist tool.

Monika Grzesiak-Chmura

Monika Grzesiak-Chmura is the co-founder, head trainer and coach at Innovator Foundation in Poland. She creates experiential learning non-formal educational programs that support coaches, trainers, youth workers and women entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential. She combines embodied learning, design thinking, experiental learning and coaching methods.
She makes a difference in the topics of personal development, creativity, communication and entrepreneurship.
Her mission is to create such learning environments in which people can reconnect with themselves, experiment, explore, learn from each other, experience themselves in different settings and grow.

This training is for you, if you are:

  • 18+ years old
  • an active youth workers youth leader, trainer, mentor, member or volunteer of youth organisation who already has some previous basic experience in working with groups
  • eager to learn, contribute your experience and knowledge
  • playful, active and simply believe in the power of non-formal education
  • committed to participate in the project through all phases (preparation, TC and organisation of a follow-up activity – an event in your local environment)
  • a resident of Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Poland, Portugal or Ukraine.
  • able to work and communicate in English


The program will be held in Poland.

More detailed information on how to reach the venue will be included in the infopack that will be sent to participants after their confirmation.

We will be staying in a small village neigbouring a huge forest. There will be shared rooms (2-5 people).

The place provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere for you to fully immerse into the experience.

Participants contribution and travel reimbursement

100% accommodation, food, program and materials are covered by the Erasmus Plus Program

100% travelling cost (only most economical) are covered up to the maximum expenses:

  • 20 EUR/person from Poland
  • 180 EUR/person from Czech Republic, Ukraine
  • 275 EUR / person from Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia
  • 360 EUR/ person from Armenia, Portugal, Israel

After the training course your travel expenses will be reimbursed within the given limits per person for a round trip ONLY in case you provide all the original tickets, boarding passes and invoices to Innovator Foundation. The start and end of your travel have to be from and in your country. In case you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us.

We only reimburse your travel cost if you participate in the whole project (preparation – training – follow-up/dissemination). The reimbursement is done after the project, once you send us the original tickets and could take between 45 to 75 days after the last day of the program.

How to apply

If you decided to take part, click on the button and fill in our application form.

Application deadline is the 15th of June 2022.

After this date you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Do NOT book any tickets without receiving this confirmation from Innovator Foundation!

Covid-19 policy

Our intention is that the training course is happening with maximum safety for everyone participating. However, we need your contribution in this, so keep in mind that you will need to invest extra time to arrange your travel and make the necessary tests to arrive and to leave from the project. We ask you to cooperate in this.

  • Once your participation is confirmed by Innovator Foundation we will ask you to check the current regulations in your country and for travelling from your country to Poland https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus/travel and to book tickets to Poland.
  • Book tickets in a way that is most favourable for you in case the flight is cancelled or, in case you can not take the planned flight for any reason. We can not refund cancelled tickets.
  • Make sure that by the time of travel you fulfill all the current regulations, meaning that you are vaccinated and / or you made the tests that are required.

During the training course we will take care of maximum safety. We will pay attention to do as many activities outside as possible, there will be disinfectants available all the time.

We will inform you about the current regulations in Poland before and during the project.

Innovator Foundation will not refund costs of possible tests that you need to take to arrive to the project, or to go back home, you will need to cover these costs. Read more about our COVID policy under THIS LINK


Youth Alliance via Networking (Armenia) Youth-Alliance-Networking@outlook.com 

Smokinya Foundation (Bulgaria) info@smokinya.com 

INspire (Czech Republic) czechinspire@gmail.com  

Roes Cooperativa (Greece) weare@roes.coop

Student Youth Council (Georgia) syc_guria@yahoo.com

Combatants for Peace (Israel) eszter@cfpeace.org

Innovator Foundation (Poland) kontakt@fundacjainnowator.pl

Collippo NGO (Portugal) collippo.org@gmail.com

Youth Organisation STAN (Ukraine) stan.art.group@gmail.com