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About Us

Development Support Foundation Innovator was set up in 2015. It is an initiative of several people whose passion is to work for personal and professional development. We develop skills that allow us to cope with difficulties, achieve goals, build lasting relationships, and achieve life satisfaction.

The Foundation’s mission is to create space for learning based on respect, cooperation and empathy. We believe that achieving this goal is possible through collaboration, the creation of friendly, supportive and trust-based relationships that will foster learning.

We use active methods based on the principle of learning by experience, taking into account individual needs and personality predispositions, we shape an active attitude towards life.

The Foundation undertakes activities at local, national and international level, which serve the common good:

– organizes and implements projects that aim to develop soft skills,

– cooperates with Erasmus + to implement international training projects.

We support learning, growth and development

We create a space based on respect and empathy


We shape an active attitude towards life

Foundation Board

Monika Grzesiak-Chmura – President

An economist with many years of experience as a project manager, experience as an owner of a training and consulting company where she worked on diverse educational projects in teaching, training and coaching skills development as well as social inclusion. As a coach, trainer and design thinking facilitator she combines approaches from coaching, outdoor, non-formal education and experiential learning mainly in the topics of personal development, creativity, communication and entrepreneurship. She creates experiential learning non-formal educational programs that support coaches, trainers and teachers to reach their maximum potential. More about Monika: https://www.linkedin.com/in/monika-grzesiak-chmura/

Robert Chmura – Vice President

Professional counselor, trainer and coach with years of experience in advisory and educational projects, admirer of vintage motorcycles and youngtimers.

Kinga Sarad-Deć – Vice President

PhD in social sciences in pedagogy, trainer and methodological advisor for teacher training, co-author of early school education program and pre-school education in entrepreneurship and economics, admirer of psychological literature.