Choice – a way to reconnect to the source of your inner power
DECEMBER 10, 2022
In November 2022 I joined in a five-day Choice training in the Netherlands.
I went to this retreat (because in my opinion this term fits more to this event) to discover the truth about myself and who I really am. A tired, angry lady – because that’s how I was described during the first session, wanted to regain the joy of life.

Choice is a very big challenge for the participants, therefore – to take part in it – participation in another training, Event Wise is required. However, I managed to overcome this requirement and after talking to the trainer about my experiences in various types of therapies, retreats and my own shadow work, I got permission to join.

I was traveling full of hope but also fear of what would happen during the process and how it would proceed. How coaches will manage to reach to the deepest hidden beliefs and beliefs that made my life so difficult and which I was unable to work through with other methods. Which tools will be used.

The very first session on the first night was already very confrontational, and it only was getting harder and harder after that. This training uses experiential learning methods for self-development and self-discovery. Participants had to face and overcome the barriers they had built up over the years and redefine their life path in a way that would bring joy and fulfillment. We had the opportunity to explore topics such as relationships with oneself, relationships with family and loved ones, anger management, development, authenticity and personal strength. And all this to reconnect with the source of our inner power.

For each, a different step in the process was a break through. Anyway, breakthroughs were made every day, and the changes taking place in people were clearly visible. Finally, the participants signed the so-called contract with oneself, which included a word describing our “self”.

The trainers were very demanding, and yet you could feel their great love for people. So I trusted them, what was necessary to experience the process properly and deeply. The group was also a huge support, also thanks to the participants and the amazing atmosphere that prevailed from the very beginning, such deep transformations were possible.

I am immensely grateful for Choice and can recommend it to anyone who desires a profound transformation. The process itself, however, is very painful, so it is certainly good to precede it with in-depth work using other methods.

The Choice training, in which Magda participated was carried out as part of our Wider Horizons project. The project is financed under the Erasmus + program of the European Union.