Reflections after Event Wise training


August 1, 2017

Extremely intense, 7-day training organized for the thirtieth time by the Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands was an incredible experience.

Around 60 people from different parts of Europe met in the Foundation to learn and develop their skills. Once again I had the opportunity to observe how the training for such a large international group of people is being conducted. The working methods developed by the Olde Vechte Foundation are described in the guide “How to run a training for large international groups – a practical guide“.

Training was planned to the last detail. The pair of trainers – Yassar Markos and Veronika Pavlová and the group of assisting co-trainers – communicated without words and created a space where participants could safely learn from their own experience. For me, as a trainer, one of the most valuable elements of the training was working with these beliefs, which hinder public appearances in front of a large group of people, building relationships with groups and individuals, and coping with difficult situations during training such as disruption and criticism.

Participants of Event Wise training, Netherlands, July 20-26, 2017

Another valuable experience was to learn to build win-win relations. Thanks to that, as a trainer I notice faster and I name conflict situations. I focus on solutions for these situations, which supports the learning process and at the same time positively influences the group process. One of the important changes is also my empowering approach to training participants. Instead of offering ready-made solutions, I help participants to find the best solutions for themselves. In addition, I have accumulated a large body of exercises useful for various training topics and based on the principle of learning by experience.

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