Event Wise is Olde Vechte Foundation‘s most prominent and longest delivered training. It is a dynamic personal development training to learn practical tools and techniques which will increase your ability to achieve personal and professional success while enjoying life. Our colleague Agnieszka participated in the 38th edition of this training as a co-trainer. Not only had she the chance to observe the praparation and the realisation part od this training, but also supported the leading trainers and facilitated one of the reflection groups.

Below you will find Agnieszka’s reflections after this intense experience.

For 10 days, at the turn of October and November this year, I had the opportunity to take part in the job shadowing of the “Event Wise” training of the Olde Vechte Foundation, in Ommen, the Netherlands. As a trainer-assistant, together with a group of the remaining seven people, I was involved in the logistic preparation of the training, as well as supporting the development process of a group of 5 participants.

Event Wise is a 7-day, dynamic training in which the participant is the main creator of his own experience – so he sets his own limits on how far he wants to go in learning new skills, how much he wants to go beyond his comfort zone.

The training is based on the experiential learning (ie learning by doing) method that naturally internalizes all educational processes to which we undergo.

Thanks to participation in games, exercises, simulations and processes, taking place both in the training room and in the field, the participant experiences the entire scale of emotions, can analyze his behavior patterns in relations with others and himself, he also confronts his fears, limitations or beliefs . Each completed day of training is subject to in-depth, individual reflection, which helps to organize and give meaning to all experiences.

Two years earlier I was a participant of this training – I remember the multiplicity and intensity of the experiences it brought me. However, only assisting it allowed me to experience and understand the full spectrum of the impact of Event Wise – both as a person supporting the participants’ process, but also an observer of my own processes and reactions to them two years earlier and now. I am very grateful for the openness and trust of the group, for the fact that I was able to accompany them in many touching, sometimes difficult, but ultimately beautiful moments. I am very happy that I could observe in action and learn from great main coaches – Yassar and Julia, and that I was lucky to be in a very supportive, accepting, ambitious, inspiring and unique group of trainers- assistants, thanks to whom even difficult and tiring moments (assisting is a hard work, requiring constant concentration and working late hours!) was an enriching experience.

Job shadowing mobility, in which Agnieszka participated, has been organised within our Wider Horizons project. It is co-financed under the European Union Erasmus+ Program.