We are very excited to share the good news with you! On December 1, 2020, we started the implementation of the Wider Horizons project financed by the Erasmus + program under Action 1. Educational mobility, Mobility of adult education staff. We will cooperate with two partner institutions: Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands and the Dorea Educational Institute  from Cyprus.

Wider Horizons is our next international programme. The project aims to raise the competences of 8 people working with adults as trainers, coaches and facilitators. All this to strengthen our organization in the area of ​​planning, organizing, promoting and implementing international training projects developing soft skills. Thus, we plan to increase the attractiveness of our educational offer and strengthen the international dimension of the Innovator Development Support Foundation.

As part of the project activities, we will organize as many as 19 mobilities, in which 8 people will participate – trainers, coaches, psychologists and facilitators cooperating with us. 

As part of the mobilities, two will be job shadowing activitities, which means that our trainers will observe the work of the partner organization. The next two mobilities will involve the preparation and conducting of a training in a partner organization. The remaining activities will involve participation in organized trainings, trainings and workshops.

The aim of these activities is to develop the knowledge and competences of trainers and coaches cooperating with us, so that our training programs will be enriched with new methods and tools – systemic coaching and constellation, provocative coaching, emobodied learning, mindfulness. In addition, we will develop competences in the area of ​​digital storytelling – we will learn to tell stories about our activities with the use of digital stories.

We invite you to follow the progress of the project. We will also share with you the methods of working with groups we learnt during our activities!