In April 2022, I participated in a seven-day training Practicing Coaching in the Netherlands. Below I present a report from the training.

I attended the training with the intention of training myself in the field of coaching and learning about effective tools used in this method. During my personal and professional transformation, consisting of therapy, coaching or various workshops in the field of personal development, I have learned many interesting methods and now – as a hypnotherapist working with the Rapid Transformational Therapy method – I use them for my clients. However, I wanted to systematize my knowledge and experience.

The training in Olde Vechte is very specific and for me – an “X generation” person – the methods used there did not fully suit me. I prefer to get knowledge first and then practice it. However, during this training everything was different and in opposition, so – I have an impression – I did not take out as much from the Netherlands as I could, if it had been more traditional.

I have to admit that the training was very intense and the time was used exhaustively. Sometimes we finished classes around 10 PM. The atmosphere was very friendly and supportive, open and full of acceptance. We were divided into groups of 4-5 people, each of which had its own coach. It was extremely helpful, not only in the process of learning and practicing – because here we received real guidance and support – but also necessary for me to survive the whole process at all. Because the training was a huge challenge for me.
Many things were interesting, such as working with the body, the process of selecting partners to practice, practicing some techniques. Of course, the countless hours of practicing with other members of the approximately 50-person multicultural group and meetings in subgroups were extremely valuable. However, for me it was a very big challenge to practice with – in my opinion – an incomplete amount of information and knowledge. I was all the time out of my comfort zone, which resulted in a reshuffle inside me, an inner tornado and a reworking of certain beliefs and labels that did not serve me very well. I also got to know myself better and integrated things that had not been noticed and accepted before, despite many years of previous work on personal development. This happened both in the sessions where I played the role of a client for other trainees, as well as through my own analysis and internal work. So I achieved results different than expected, but no less valuable.
And although my expectations were not fully met and I did not achieve all my goals related to this trip, I do not regret it. I can recommend the training to people open to new experiences, not afraid of challenges and preferring to learn from their own experience rather than from theory. And to those for whom personal development is as important as professional one.

The Beyond workshop, in which Magda participated on April 20-26, 2022, was carried out as part of our Wider Horizons project. The project is financed under the Erasmus + program of the European Union.