Choice is one of the most prominent and longest delivered training by Olde Vechte Foundation. The organizers call it the most human training they offer. During this 5-day practical training participants reconnect to the source of their inner power. They are challenged to face and overcome the barriers they have built throughout the years and redefine their life path in a way that brings them joy and fulfillment. Choice Training is to make participants think from their heart and make a stand for who they are and what you they are committed to in their life. Choice Training helps participants explore their relationship with themselves, their beliefs and patterns. It’s all about us as unique human beings.

Our collegue Agnieszka participated in its 34th edition. Below you will find her reflections upon Choice experience.


„Choice”  is a personal development training I took part at the end of November, this year.  It is said by its organizers is to be their greatest and most human training, where people can connect with each other, face all the limitation and boundaries that have been built over the years, and discover the magical relationship they have with themselves and others.

Everyday we stood face to face with expectations, excitement, stress, our strengths and weakness,  which made us really see how special people we are. People who want and will defend who they are, what they want, and how ready we are to obtain it. Participation in “Choice” was like a longing recovery from many years of being lost and wandered.

“Choice” made me realize that I am the POWER that pushes me forward, allows me to make life changes, gives me hope, support and love for myself and others. „Choice” was also a decision wether to stay in a comfort and not grow or overcome shame, fear of being judged and rejected and become 100% myself for myself. I chose me – every minute and every second of that training. And I intend to continue choosing me, because I am a pretty great human being 🙂

Choice training in which Agnieszka participated has been realised within our Wider Horizons project. It is co-financed under the European Union Erasmus+ Program.