Beyond is a 5-day workshop that uses the systemic work method, organized by Olde Vechte Foundation in Ommen, the Netherlands. Its organizers call it a retreat, which is broadly understood as a trip, the purpose of which is to withdraw from everyday routine activities for some time and enter into yourself reflectively, listen to your needs and often discovering behaviors, mechanisms or patterns that have not been realized so far.

Beyond introduces its participants to a variety of processes, the common denominator of which are systemic work, allowing for new insights, deepening the awareness of oneself and the relationships in which we find ourselves, in order to find harmony and balance in life. An important element of the systemic method is accepting and recognizing reality, unlearning negative beliefs and discovering what can support the development of one's own freedom, while surrendering to what is.

During these five days, along with 20 other people, I experienced a variety of dynamic forms and methods of work (constellations, rituals, visualizations, movement, etc.) that helped me define and deal with problems or limiting beliefs arising in my private and professional life. The systemic approach helped me see the hidden dynamics and potential of the systems I find myself in (family, work, relationships), through a deep connection with body sensations, intuitive imagery and invisible relationships between constellation elements.

Thanks to Beyond, I feel that I have become more authentic in existing relationships, I have developed my intuition and understanding of my body, I have understood the order and place in my family, which has earned me recognition and gratitude for being a part of it.


The Beyond workshop, in which Agnieszka participated on February 19-23, 2022, was carried out as part of our Wider Horizons project. The project is financed under the Erasmus + program of the European Union.