Constellations in coaching. How to build a 3D relationship map

“Constellations work because we all carry within us an unconscious inner map of everything and everybody we have been or are in relationship with.” John Whittington

A NAIL in the WALL, a short story about USING TOOLS in the trainer’s work

If you want the participants of your training to feel satisfied on leaving the training, always think about what the assignment you offer is for.

EMBODIMENT LEARNING The story of mystery, techniques and getting in touch with myself

Embodiment Learning is learning through the actions of your body. It is trust that the body gives us the answers to our questions.

The circle of identity”, or how to talk about identity in an international group?

Identity is a compass. Identity is an opportunity to change. Identity is a bridge to communicate with other people.

Self-care in the life of a trainer or how to avoid burnout

What you need to know and do, to work with ceaseless passion and satisfaction with other people?

Get to know yourself and your resources and achieve success!

The goal of the training was to help determine the resources and identify the type of personality that each participant presents.

Call for Participants

Explore your passion and hidden potential and clarify and reach your personal or professional goals.

Strategic planning workshop – Road map to success!

How to achieve what we dream about? What to start with? This is what the participants of ELEVATE dissemination workshop learned.

Coach Yourself and Your Team. Tools for self-coaching and trainings

Coach Yourself and Your Team. Tools for self-coaching and trainings

Feeling stuck? Doing the same things over and over again expecting different results? Struggling with conflicts? Check the tools that might help you.

Practicing coaching at Olde Vechte Foundation in Netherlands

EXTRAORDINARY experience: seven intensive training days, an international group of forty participants and a team of fifteen experienced trainers.

Coach Yourself and Your Team. Tools for self-coaching and trainings

Coach your team by coaching yourself

What we learned about coaching and what tools for individual and group work we want to share with you.

Event Wise – another training within ELEVATE project

The intensive 7-days training organized by the Olde Vechte Foundation involves learning by doing and learning by immersion. These are very effective methods used in non-formal education.

Intercultural Communication in Education

What happened during the training Intercultural Communications in Education?

Restoration. Youth Exchange about storytelling and social inclusion

Open call for participants for the training organized by our partner Olde Vechte Foundation from the Netherlands.

Train the trainers in Limassol

Another training of the ELEVATE project is behind us. What did our trainer find out in Cyprus?

Problem solving and decision making. Training delivered as part of ELEVATE project

What happened in Cyprus during the trainings that our trainers led?

Vision Ahead! Media and Promo skills for NGOs

Open call for participants interested in filmmaking in all stage for Smokinya Foundation partner project.

Coach your team by coaching yourself!

We invite trainers and coaches for advanced coaching training hosted by our partner Smokinya Foundation from Bulgaria.

English for educators (Level II) in Dublin

Further trips within the ELEVATE project are behind us. This time our trainers went to beautiful Ireland for a five-day language course.

A study visit in Cyprus

As part of the ELEVATE project, we visited the headquarters of our partner ShipCon Ltd. in Limassol.

Cooperation with the Catholic University of Lublin

We have completed the Learning by Doing and Design Thinking training series for KUL research and teaching Staff

Entrepreneur Lab – a partner Project with Smokinya Foundation from Bulgaria

We invite young entrepreneurs, youth workers, trainers and volunteers interested in topics of social entrepreneurship and sustainability who plan to open their own organization.

Reflections after the English for Educators training in Palermo

On March 11-15, 2019, the first mobility took place as part of our ELEVATE project.

We develop the competence of teachers in the School Complex in Kornelówka

We have started training for primary school teachers as part of the ‘Creative school – creative student’ project.

We invite trainers to the ELEVATE project

We invite people who work with groups and conduct non-formal education trainings to participate in training to improve coaching and training skills

ELEVATE – take yourself to the next level!

We develop the competences of trainers, coaches and facilitators in an international environment thanks to the funding received under the Erasmus + programme.

Jak zapewnić trwałość efektów kształcenia?

How to develop long-term learning outcomes?

We present practical tips to ensure effective and long-term training outcomes.

Ostatnie mobilności w ramach projektu “Program doskonalenia kompetencji”

How to motivate adults to learn

The trainer who goes to training, has got two tasks. One is to impart knowledge, The second is much more challenging – constantly motivate learners to learn.

Jak wyjść z pozycji ofiary i odzyskać wpływ na sytuację?

How to get out of the victim’s position and regain the influence?

Reveal victim-accountable model to regain sense of influence and consciously shape your life.

Inteligencja emocjonalna dla rodziców

Emotional intelligence for parents

In most cases, parents, thinking of their children, dream of their happiness and being successful in life. How do they get there?

Our mission is to help you develop and grow to achieve the goals you want


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Explore your passion and hidden potential and clarify and reach your personal or professional goals

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