Choice – a way to reconnect to the source of your inner power

Choice training helps you explore your relationship with yourself, your beliefs and patterns. Our trainer Magda was part of this experience.

Mindfulness – a way to focus, decrease stress and improve communication

The benefits of mindfulness practices and how to adapt them to trainings and workshops were the main focal point of a training in which our friend Aneta participated in Spain.

How to prepare your trainer bio using storytelling

This article is about the use of storytelling to write your own biography.

Self-care – give yourself a permission to rest

Self-care is simply about showing yourself love.

Outdoor in the work of a trainer

In this article, you will find information about the benefits of outdoor activities, as well as examples of their implementation.

Inner critic and how to get rid of him

Perhaps you hear a voice in your head that continues to judge you negatively and criticize everything you do, and thus still struggle with low self-esteem and the feeling that you are not enough. This is an internal critic that teases most people.

Imposter syndrome and how to deal with it?

Do you sometimes think that others opinion about you is too positive? That you are actually inferior, not so qualified, not so clever, not so capable as they think?

Being Good Enough

In the modern world, we constantly hear that we should change, improve, become a better version of ourselves. As if we assume in advance that something is wrong with us and we have to constantly improve.

Transforming internal dialogue

How to talk about yourself, how to choose the right words, how to transform your internal dialogue to strengthen yourself, your experience, sense of agency and power

Internally motivated, that is, knowing their values

Internal motivation and how it is related to the values ​​we believe in. There is also a short reflection exercise that will help you discover your individual values.

Mindfulness – a way to switch off an autopilot life

The benefits of mindfulness practices and how to adapt them to trainings and workshops were the main focal point of a training in which our friend Justyna participated in Spain.

Reflections on the Art of Facilitation – theatre tools for group work training course

This international training course was happening in Nasutów, Poland 20-27th August 2022.

Digital Storytelling: Creative Writing Applications and Programs

How to create engaging stories using digital techniques? How to attract the attention of recipients? This is what our friend Aneta learned during the training in Spain.

Wellbeing for educators – a training course delivered in Greece

How do our emotions affect contacts with others in the work environment? How to manage them to enhance work efficiency? These were the main topics of the training that our colleague delivered for Helix NGO.

Practicing Coaching And Advanced Coaching At Olde Vechte Foundation (April And June 2022)

This spring, for the first time, I took part in this legendary training.

Practicing coaching at Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands

In April 2022, I participated in a seven-day training Practicing Coaching in the Netherlands.

Transformation – training course on media literacy

Who holds information, holds power. It is crucial to learn how to think critically, recognizing both the fake news and the ways in which media influences our minds.

The Polish play their way on the youth exchange

Participants from 10 countries met to discover their talents and how to use them on a labor market to get a job which will bring satisfaction in life.

Beyond – see, feel, experience yourself in a constellation

What can you discover by working with constellations? The participant of the Beyond workshop talks about the tools that help to see unconscious behavior patterns and limiting beliefs.

Play the Way – a workshop about gamification in Czech

Participants from 11 countries met to create a gamification mindset and learn to create games for educational setting.

Reflections after Choice training

What is important to have choice in life? How to connect to your inner power? For these questions you might find your answers during the Choice training.

Reflections after Event Wise training

What are you pretending not to know? This is the question to which participants of each Event Wise training try to find an answer. Our collegue Marlena partipated in its 38th edition.

Job shadowing in Olde Vechte Foundation

What can you experience assisting a training in an organisation of 56 year of non-formal education experience?

Wider Horizons, our brand new Erasmus+ project is coming!

Wider Horizons is our next Erasmus+ international project. Its goal is to raise the competences of 8 people working with adults as trainers, coaches and facilitators.

Constellations in coaching. How to build a 3D relationship map

“Constellations work because we all carry within us an unconscious inner map of everything and everybody we have been or are in relationship with.” John Whittington

A NAIL in the WALL, a short story about USING TOOLS in the trainer’s work

If you want the participants of your training to feel satisfied on leaving the training, always think about what the assignment you offer is for.

EMBODIMENT LEARNING The story of mystery, techniques and getting in touch with myself

Embodiment Learning is learning through the actions of your body. It is trust that the body gives us the answers to our questions.

The circle of identity”, or how to talk about identity in an international group?

Identity is a compass. Identity is an opportunity to change. Identity is a bridge to communicate with other people.

Self-care in the life of a trainer or how to avoid burnout

What you need to know and do, to work with ceaseless passion and satisfaction with other people?

Get to know yourself and your resources and achieve success!

The goal of the training was to help determine the resources and identify the type of personality that each participant presents.

Innovator Foundation was set up to provide international learning opportunities for trainers, coaches, facilitators and other people working with people.

We do it by cooperating with various organisations on the European level, mainly through Erasmus+ projects.



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